Champagne Lanson Brut Black Label

Champagne Lanson Brut Black Label

Manufacturer Lanson


Champagne Lanson Brut Black Label

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Grapes: Chardonnay 35%, Pinot Noir 50% e Pinot Meunier 15%
Vintage : n.d.
Bottle : 75cl 

An emblematic cuvée, Lanson Black Label owes its name to Victor Lanson, a passionate visionary who in 1937 wished to pay homage to the key market of the House at the time, Great Britain. The style of this champagne blend is constant throughout the 
years, a balance between power and elegance, strong wine aromas and finesse, truly characteristic of the Lanson style. After ageing for a minimum of 3 years in the cellars, Lanson Black Label is harmonious and fully matured. It has a brilliant, clear colour with amber highlights and a joyful stream of fine bubbles. The nose reveals springtime aromas as well as some subtle “toasty” and honey notes. On the palate the bouquet of ripe fruits and citrus give the wine a well-rounded feel, but one that is light with its fresh finish.     

Typology Sparkling
Size 75 cl
Main Vine Pinot Noir / Spätburgunder / Blauburgunder / Pinot Nero
Wine Spectator 91/100
Richard Juhlin 87/100


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Product by: Lanson

nnWines from different plots are vinified separately. Through numerous tasting sessions they are assessed and classed according to their aromatic family. Blending is the art of creating a wine that is superior to the sum of its parts. The palette of flavours, and the talent ofWinemaker Hervé Dantan, come together to create the perfect balance of fruitiness, elegance and freshness. The richness of the grape varieties and Crus is complemented by the richness of different years. Adding reserve wines helps to amplify the quality of young wines. Non-vintage cuvées are therefore composed of reserve wines and more than 10 different years of harvests, and are left to age in the Cellar for at least three years. The vintage Cuvées take this time to mature and continue to develop their extraordinary aromas. Lanson wines journey through time perfectly.nn

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