Pelissero Langhe Long Now 2011

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Pelissero Langhe Long Now 2011

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Grapes : Barbera 50%, Nebbiolo 50%
Vintage : 2011
Bottle : 75 cl

Soil: medium consistency with a rich component of micro minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium. Features: the Langhe d.o.c. collects inside production areas and grape varieties among the most important in the world. This wine is obtained entirely in a new company that we purchased in early 1999, located a few hundred metres from our company headquarters, to the borders of the area of Barbaresco. Very steep terrain, characterized by the presence of a Palm tree on the inside and that is that geographers issues of municipal borders, usable only in half to produce Nebbiolo from Barbaresco. The rest, just as suggestive and unrecognizable without map tools There, the Nebbiolo grape produced cannot become with ageing Barbaresco. We decided then merge it to Baba also present within this company to create perhaps the most historic assemblies already very common even among our grandparents, but undoubtedly very modern and innovative even today. The name and the label's graphic express these characteristics of innovation and internationalism that the blending of these two varieties can bring. Long Now expresses the concept of long present and the name some important scientists and intellectuals Californians (Long Now Foundation) have attributed to detail timepiece raffi gured on the label, present at the Museum of science and technology in London. Technical notes: innovative design, wine is produced trying to highlight the potential that these two varieties made from relatively old plants can express when they are 
combined. Color and freshness are children of acid Barbera while the great aromas and tannins are brought in dowry from Nebbiolo. An assemblage that creates soft, persistent and wines especially from long aging. Vinifi cation for the two varieties with maceration of 10-12 days for the Nebbiolo and Barbera 25 days in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature. The end of the fermentation and decantation steel again before moving on to the wood. AFFI born for about 15/18 months in small oak casks are then blended before bottling and left to stand for other 10/12 months in bottle before being released. The features are those of an important wine, austere, Langa, with great potential. Tasting: tab to view this wine has red-violet bluish color almost black and little penetrable, but also lively and particularly pleasant. Features of impenetrability perceptible to smell with a very pronounced varietal component and very ripe fruit aromas of BlackBerry, raspberry and cherry red, which are the frame to just perceptible note of vanilla. Bursting on the palate, open, full, velvety, enveloping, best expressed the features of flavor and elegance that the two varieties possess and which enhance if well modelled, the gustatory pleasure.  

Typology Red
Vintage 2011
Region Piedmont
Size 75 cl
Main Vine Barbera
Wine Spectator 89/100


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Product by: Pelissero

The spirit of continuous research in the vineyard, and afterwards in the cellar, plus passion, commitment and innovative dynamism are the firm bases that we combine with the pride of having reached the third generation of viticulturists. Our philosophy has not changed, however: we focus only on original varietals that are typical of our land, particularly Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto, which make up about 85% of our production. All the grapes that we use come from the 38 hectares that we own. We are able, with the help of knowledgeable colleagues, to directly supervise the entire production cycle, from pruning to marketing of 250,000 bottles every year.

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