Petra 2011

Petra 2011

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Petra 2011

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Grapes : Cabernet Sauvignon e Merlot
Vintage : 2011
Bottle : 75 cl      

This wine is produced from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes, varieties that turned out to be ideal for the types of soil on the Petra estate. Each of them found the most suitable soil for bringing out the distinctive features that characterize Petra’s unique elegance and style – the balsamicity of the Mediterranean, the minerality of Tuscany, and the proverbial natural acidity favoured by the salinity of the earth, which is indispensable in creating exemplary wines closely linked to the personality of the land. The most highly appreciated connotations of the two varieties are clearly expressed in this wine – the elegance and smoothness of Merlot, which is sensitive to drought and thus prefers a cool hillside position, and the character of Cabernet Sauvignon, which thrives best in mineral-rich soils, not overly fertile and well drained. The production method concentrates on defending the characteristics of the land. The grapes are harvested when fully ripe (early September to early October) and placed in crates with a maximum capacity of 17 kg. Fermentation occurs naturally with indigenous yeasts and vinification takes place in steel vats and oak barrels at a controlled temperature. The wine is then refined in barriques made of French oak (from Allier, Nevers and Tronçais), medium and lightly toasted, in which the entire process of malolactic fermentation takes place. Ninety percent of the barriques are new, the other 10% are first and second filling. Ageing takes 18 months in wood followed by the same time in the bottle. CHARACTER: Intense ruby red in colour, concentrated and very clear. Intense complex nose, alcoholic yet decidedly elegant and persistent. Marked scent of red fruit and jam, an explosion of marasca and wild black cherries with traces of minerals, eucalyptus and Mediterranean myrtle. Notes of chocolate and coffee complete and give body to the bouquet. Important, intense full-bodied taste, enveloping and well balanced, giving fullness to the entire palate. Well-rounded, sweet tannins, not overly aggressive; well blended with the acidity, sapidity and alcohol. Pleasing progression; good aromatic return is a continual stimulus to seek a new pleasure revealing the Mediterranean soul of this wine. LABEL: The Petra IGT Toscana label shows three circles in vertical progression depicting the earth-man-sky triad, a symbolic image that oriental tradition places at the centre of life. The circles, which are designed by words, intersect to represent the relationship linking man and trees, and hence the vine, to the sky and earth.    

Typology Red
Vintage 2011
Region Tuscany
Size 75 cl
Main Vine Cabernet Sauvignon


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Product by: Petra

It is the underlying strata – of the earth, of men, of their uninterrupted tale – that Petra reveals. With its verticality it penetrates the secret that lies beneath, going beyond it, crossing it, understanding it, and making it its own. The modern company, shiny and functional, becomes the land, leaving itself in its hands and in letting itself go elevates and revitalises it, a Paradise Lost revived, an allusion and a reference to something deeper than the land itself.

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