Ron Abuelo Añejo 12 Años Cased 70 cl


Ron Abuelo Añejo 12 Años Cased 70 cl

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Size 70 cl
Y.O. 12

25,33 €

Vol : 40%
Bottle : 70 cl

Abuelo 12 is the result of the selection of the best barrels of white oak and the passage of time under the tropical heat. Produced in Panama. Dark brown to the nose is shown with caramel aromas accentuated by tobacco, leather and orange peel. With time, an oak aroma with a touch of cognac and additional notes of marzipan, leather and spices appears. In the mouth flows dry appearing to disagree with the sweetness offered to the nose. A sensation of spices and oak tannins tip the initial taste giving the rum an initial impression of hardness. Afterwards we appreciate a fruity Ron (blackberries and cherries). The dryness seems to dominate the final with a slight smoke in the throat.


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Abuelo ron Distilleria

Abuelo ron Distilleria Varela Hermanos S. A. has a history that dates back to 1908 when Don José Varela Blanco, a young Spanish immigrant, launches the Ingenio San Isidro in the town of Pesé, the first sugar mill in the then recently formed Republic of Panama. The town of Pesé, established in the middle of the XVIII century, is located in a fertile valley in the middle of Panama, where the main commercial activity of its near 10,000 inhabitants is the cultivation of sugarcane. In 1936, agreeing to the wishes of his 3 eldest sons, José Manuel, Plinio and Julio, Don José begins the distillation of sugarcane juice for the elaboration of liqueurs, and was distinguished from the start for products of extraordinary quality. Since then, Varela Hermanos S. A. has maintained a leadership position in the liqueur industry of Panama, and today they produce approximately one million boxes a year, representing 90% of the national market of liqueurs. The company has 700 permanent employees, who carry out tasks ranging from cutting sugarcane to the promotion and sale of the finished product.

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