Rum Flor De Caña Centenario 18 Y 70 cl  - Rum

Rum Flor De Caña Centenario 18 Y 70 cl

Manufacturer Flor De Cana rum


Rum Flor De Caña Centenario 18 Y 70 cl

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Size 70 cl
Y.O. 18

56,48 €

Bottle : 70 cl
Vol . : 40 %

To the north of Managua along the bumpy road that runs through the beautiful colonial city of Leon and the lush countryside of Nicaragua , we arrive all'Ingenio Azucarero San Antonio and the distillery Flor de Cana , the Ingenio San Antonio produces sugar cane and molasses to the 64 % sugar which is then processed in the adjacent distillery. Are distillation columns to produce a distillate 77.5 % that is put into barrels of bourbon from 135 lt. and stowed in almacen conditioned to 28 temperature . The loss due to evaporation is equal to 7% per year. Flor de Cana Ron owns and produces 150,000 barrels from a single calendar year , then 4 years Cosecha 2005, 5 years 2004, 7, 2002, 12 years 2007, the Centenary 21 15 1994 and 18 1991 . 150,000 barrels are stored in the bodegas of Flor de Cana to Chichigalpa , one of the most important stocks in the world. Flor de Cana is the only company in the world that produces nell'Ingenio San Antonio, adjacent to the distillery , all the molasses required for the production of ron : Ron 5 stars The true sugarcane molasses property owned by distillation own aging on site bottling in Nicaragua.


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