Rum J. Bally Agricole 2000 70 cl

Rum J. Bally Agricole 2000 70 cl

Manufacturer La Martiniquaise


Rum J. Bally Agricole 2000 70 cl

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Capacità : 70 cl
Vol. : 43 %

The pioneer of Rhum vintage Thanks to the intuition of the founder, for over seventy years, in Carbet, chosen area for the cultivation of sugar cane, the Bally produces its beautiful vintage rum. Great rum as the great wines; In fact, the sugar cane has different characteristics for each crop, which require distillation and aging characteristics. The same Rhum, which thanks to the aging in oak barrels become the great vintages of Bally, are bottled very young giving rise to the Rhum Blanc 40 and 55 are ideal for the preparation of TPunch, the cocktail that contains all the flavors of the Antilles.

Size 70 cl


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La Martiniquaise

Product by: La Martiniquaise

The brand Plantations St James was created by an enterprising Marseillaise merchant of Jamaican rum, Paulin Lambert, who in 1882 settles the name and at the same time the design of the famous bottle carrée flat bottom which still identifies this brand, and buy four distilleries, where he began to produce rum Saint James. Paulin Lambert is one of the first entrepreneurs to use advertising to sell a bottled alcoholic product, using all means of communication at their disposal: catalogues, posters, postcards ... anticipating all competitors and bringing the brand to become leaders in Martinique, France and exporting in various world markets. In 1967 it was purchased from the Picon, in 1971 Picon is bought by Cointreau, in 2003 by the group La Martiniquaise. The last forty years of the history of Saint James have been marked by the presence of Mr Jean Claude Benoit, General Manager of the company for more than thirty years, probably the most important man of the rhum agricole for what he has done and continues to do.
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