Rum Diplomatico Blanco 70 cl

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Rum Diplomatico Blanco 70 cl

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Bottle : 70 cl
Vol . : 40 %

80% pot still Ron The best of South America The distillery that produces Diplomatic and ' the Distilerias Unidas ( DUSA ), located in the town of La Miel, in the state of Lara. The idea of ??the Diplomatic Ron was born in 1983 and the first drop and ' dated 1989. The plant ' varieties for decades cutting edge ' of raw materials to be used and type of distillation practiced. The uniqueness ' of the Latin world and Diplomatic ' to be a blend of different types of Ron completely different from the raw material for fermentation to distillation. The mixture of these different Rones and ' the nature of the Diplomatic. The town of La Miel and more generally the state of Lara have a tropical climate, hot days and cool nights, high humidity, abundant rainfall and rich soil for the cultivation of sugar cane. Here it is produced l80 % of all Venezuelan cane. The DUSA has the cultivation of cane and produces its own sugar, molasses from which the property'. We use different varieties of cane, the Venezuela, the Central Romana and Canal Point, and the harvest is done from November to March, earlier than the Caribbean region. The unique feature 'that is produced from the juice extract is concentrated in the molasses is pure cane juice . Even fermentations are certainly different: the molasses is subjected to a short fermentation, 18 hours, in tanks 100 000 liters, with a process of maximizing the production of alcohol. The cane juice concentrate instead ' fermented for 48 hours, the process ' more ' slow and the intent and ' concentrate the flavors and fragrances of the Diplomatic Ron. The yeast responsible for this fermentation are developed and grew within the company for each process. Another unique feature in the world of Rones Latinos and ' variety ' of distillations are done: the concentrated juice of sugar cane, after a long fermentation, it is distilled in the first column and then in the Pot Still Canadians inherited from Seagrams and the fermented molasses is instead placed in columns Barbet , French , suitable for ron get lighter while still maintaining precise aromatic characteristics. The blend that makes up the Diplomatic Reserva Exclusiva Ron and ' well formed by ' Heavy Rum 80% Pot Still and by only 20% and ' by alembic column. Even more labels young, and Anejo Reserva, have a component of at least 50% of Pot Still. The stock of barrels of DUSA has an impressive number of 160,000 barrels of 180 liters , another first in the entire South American continent ! Aging and ' in American white oak barrels. Nothing is added during the process of aging in cask , only a minimal amount of caramel coloring natural sweetener not only to balance the color of the washer after aging. Finally, the water: so close to the Andes underground rivers are numerous and Ron Diplomatic quenches his thirst with water very pure and typical wells of 40/60 meters deep. The story of Ron Diplomatic dates back to the late 800, when an enthusiastic traveler named Don Juancho Nieto Melendez of Hacienda Botucal scholar and discoverer of flavors and traditional drinks, began to collect exotic rum and liqueurs from his many experiences, the famous reserve of ' Ambassador. Hence the creation of its own Ron, a mixture of intelligence, experience, and dedication refined ingredients. The name of the Diplomatic and ' in honor of the man who brought order and balance in the time of social unrest in Venezuela, and embodies the whole nature of the product itself .    


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