Rum Matusalem 15 Y

Manufacturer Matusalem & Co.


Rum Matusalem 15 Y

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Bottle :70 cl
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Until 1959, Cuba was the only Matusalem Gran Reserva Solera 15 years. Although much more expensive competitors held 50% of market share. Called the 'Cognac of Ron' was, (see Chicago Herald Tribune March 21, 1947) Ron Hemingway's favorite with which the legendary writer was preparing his Cuba Libre, Gran Cuba Libre. In 1999, the Hard Rock Cafe, the chain of music coolest bars in the world, is now present in all five continents, he decided to exhume Gran Cuba Libre by inserting it in the 10 U.S. ROCKOLICIO Cocktails. The last 20 years have seen the rise of fashion in Italy's Cuba Libre Havana with 7, what's the next step? We believe both the Matusalem Gran Cuba Libre with 15. Matusalem Cuban style respects the '50s thanks to the 'formula' secret that has remained unchanged and the Solera method.  

Size 70 cl
Y.O. 15


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Matusalem & Co.

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Matusalem & Company was founded by brothers Benjamin and Eduardo Camp, who left Spain and settled in Santiago de Cuba in 1872 for the purpose of establishing a rum distillery. The Camp brothers brought with them their knowledge and expertise in the solera system of blending and distillation used in making Spanish cognac and sherry. During the 1950s, the brand was one of the top premium rums in Cuba, competing with Bacardi and Havana Club. Following the Cuban revolution 1959, the family-owned Matusalem brand went into exile, and was established in the United States. The Cuban government continued to make rum in the former Matusalem factory in Santiago de Cuba. Three branches of the family began feuding in 1981, resulting in court cases that extended into the mid-90s. These ended in 1995 when Dr. Claudio Alvarez Salazar, the great-grandson of the founder, gained control of the Matusalem trademark in an out-of-court settlement.
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