Rum Demerara El Dorado 12 Y 70 cl

Manufacturer Demerara Distillers


Rum Demerara El Dorado 12 Y 70 cl

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Bottle: 70 cl
Vol . : 40%

Owner: Demerara Distillers Ltd Guyana Region: Guyana Established: Merger of companies arose in 1700 Distributed by Velier since: 1997 A HIDDEN TREASURE The Demerara Distillers has the largest stock in the world of old rum and a combination of stills only . Guyana is one of the last countries still pristine , almost entirely covered by the Amazonian jungle . Is crossed by the river Demerara , on whose banks the same name is cultivated varieties of sugar cane which is considered the best in the world and is used for the production of Demerara sugar and rum in Guyana. It is thanks to this exceptional raw material that Demerara rum are considered a separate category in the world of rum. The Demerara Distillers , founded in 1770 , is the only producer of Demerara rum . Sugar Mill has 30 distilleries and 11 ( 7 in the Berbice region and 4 in the East Coast) that use all kinds of alembic ( 3 double column coffey still , still Savalle 2 , 1 wooden pot still double , 1 single wooden pot , 1 pot still copper Wedderbrun style , traditional copper alembic 1 , 1 small batch gin still ) that allow the assembly of rum , completely different in style, giving the versatility unique to El Dorado World Champion in Barbados.  

Size 70 cl
Y.O. 12


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Demerara  Distillers

Product by: Demerara Distillers

El Dorado rums are blended selections of different ‘vintages’ or batches of rums from different stills, aged in oak barrels. The age statement specifically indicates the youngest rum in the blend. This rule is the same as the one for Scotch Whisky and is used for rums produced in English-speaking countries. In contrast, the age statement on the label of rums produced by the Solera system indicates the oldest rum contained in the blend. This is a traditional method of ageing used in sherry production and is usually associated with rums from Spanish-speaking countries.
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