Pearl of Salt Djibouti 320 g

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Pearl of Salt Djibouti 320 g

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This is a very dry salt, which crunches under the teeth . The first notes are quite harsh , blunt , but rich at the same time . They remind aridity , even hostility Lake Assal . The beads of salt are the natural fruit of the wind and water : they have acquired their perfect shape thanks to the waves breaking on the ice , creating a " snowball " effect. To the west of Djibouti , Lake Assal is the lowest and hottest continent developed. It is a land of contrasts , a mythical place that has always fascinated adventurers , writers and artists . Salt Lake Assal is exploited for centuries by nomadic Afar : the caravan of white gold convey salt from the lake to Ethiopia , where it will be exchanged against the grain. This ice is very thick and produces a pure and perfectly edible salt. It is the largest natural reservoir of Africa salt. The use of beads salt comes in function templates : Template 3 is perfect for use in a salt mill , preferably transparent , in order to impress your guests!  


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