Tequila Patron XO Cafe 70 cl


Tequila Patron XO Cafe 70 cl

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Size 70 cl

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Vol : 35%
Bottle : 70 cl

Dark, rich brown color. Fresh coffee aroma balanced with chocolate and vanilla. The rich taste of fresh-roasted coffee, notes of chocolate, vanilla and light tequila. Finish: smooth, yet dry. Patrón XO Cafe is an extraordinary blend of ultra-premium Patrón Silver tequila and the pure, natural essence of fine coffee. The taste is dry, not sweet as with most low-proof coffee liqueurs with notes of chocolate and vanilla. Patrón XO Cafe is excellent for sipping, as a premium cocktail ingredient, or as a unique and delicious dessert topping. Every step in the production of this spirit - from the collection of Weber Blue Agave in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, to the centuries-old distillation process, packaging, signing and inspection of each bottle - is done with the careful precision and care that can only be achieved by hand. It starts with the agave. Patrón is characterized by soft layers of flavor, using the finest quality agave called Weber blue agave that grows in the rich volcanic soil in the hills of this region. These agave plants, have an average of eight years to mature and develop sugar levels needed to produce Patrón, are grown in fields by qualified personnel called "jimadors" and then transported to the distillery patron, in the small town of Atotonilco. After arriving at the distillery, the heart of the plant, called Piñas, are loaded by hand in small ovens in kitchens. This method of cooking agave (a process not found in most modern industrial distilleries of tequila) called slow-roasts in small batches for 79 hours. When the juice, rich in agave emerges from the ovens is macerated, fermented and distilled with two separate processes, so unique and age-old process Tahona and the most modern process of rolling mill, which produce two distinct types of tequila that are ultimately blended together to generate Patrón. In the process Tahona, a big wheel of volcanic stone slowly crushing the agave, which is placed (agave syrup and agave fiber) in pine barrels for fermentation. Located hand in copper pot stills and then take the next step, the distillation. In this process, the fermented "wort" is distilled once with agave fiber, and again no, then filtered and balanced to produce the final tequila. At the same time on the other side of the distillery, agave cooked by the process called mill is crushed, the juice agave is placed in wooden barrels for fermentation of pine (without the agave fibers). As the process of Tahona, the next step after fermentation is the double distillation in copper pot stills, but again without the agave fiber. The two types of tequila finished - and the side by side Tahona mill - are then carefully blended together to create the final product, Patron Tequila. Each batch of this fine spirit is personally tasted and approved by Patrón master distiller, Francisco Alcaraz, who has developed this unique recipe and meticulous. Patrón is attention to detail and a high level of craftsmanship also in the process of bottling and packaging. More than 60 hands touch and inspect every bottle, moves from person to person labeling, numbering and packaging of the bottles. The bottles with minimum imperfection are removed from the production line immediately. Each bottle is then hand polished, and a strip is hand-tied around the neck of the bottle. 


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