Vodka Mamont 70 cl

Vodka Mamont Siberian Vodka 70 cl

Manufacturer Mamont


Vodka Mamont Siberian Vodka 70 cl

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Size 70 cl

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Bottle : 70 cl
Vol : 40°

In 2002, the Yukagir Mammoth was unearthed in Yakutia, Arctic Siberia, having spent 18,000 years in the ice. Nomadic, like man, the Mammoth is known to have travelled thousands of kilometres across a vast region that would be their homeland: Wild Siberia. Celebrated in legends, they have played a significant role in Russian culture and heritage. In fact, the English word “Mammoth” comes from the Russian “Mamont”. Mamont Vodka is our homage to Siberia and its symbol, the mammoth. Made at the foot of the Altai Mountains by skilled craftsmen in one of Siberia’s oldest distilleries, Mamont opens the door to a world of discovery. It celebrates the adventurous spirit of polar exploration; an inspiration to push harder, travel further and discover more.


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Mamont The tradition of the founders is maintained and continuously improved through the use of modern technologies. Natural ingredients (white Siberian Winter wheat), the production process involves fermentation, 6 successive distillations, the Taproom with fresh water of the Altai Mountains and filtering through silver birch charcoal. Finally the distilled fresh and soft so product is bottled in a box shaped like a mammoth tusk. The Mamont is the most refined and elegant Siberian vodkas produced with traditional methods but outfitted with a strikingly modern appeal. Tradition requires that the vodka drink smooth and not ice cold, in small glasses and all in one gulp, accompanied by pickled vegetables or fruit. The taste experience that vodka Mamont can give is a unique softness and freshness, able to impress.

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