Vodka Crystal Head Rolling Stones 70 cl

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Vodka Crystal Head Rolling Stones 70 cl

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Bottle : 70 cl
Vol. : 40°   The entire process of creation of the Crystal Head Vodka is pure from the depths of his heart. From wheat of the best quality to the pristine waters of Newfoundland in Canada. Crystal Head is distilled four times, then filtered seven times, including three through Herkimer diamonds. In Crystal Head Vodka, there are no additives, oils, sugars. The result is an extraordinary PURE SPIRIT.  

Size 70 cl


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Crystal Head Vodka

Product by: Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka is manufactured by Globefill Incorporated at the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation distillery in Newfoundland, Canada. "Peaches and Cream" corn grown in the Chatham-Kent region of Ontario is processed and distilled four times to produce a neutral grain spirit at 95% alcohol by volume. The raw spirit is then reduced with Newfoundland glacial water to 40% alcohol by volume. The liquid is then filtered seven times of which three are through Herkimer diamonds. These raw stones are quartz crystals, which have been ascribed healing properties by some new age belief systems. This proprietary filtration process accounts for the smoothness of the vodka. Crystal Head does not use any additives-glycerol, citrus oil, or sugar-in the production of their vodka. The factory and product is certified kosher, as well as gluten-free.
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