Vodka Three Sixty 1 l


Vodka Three Sixty 1 l

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Size 100 cl

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Bottle : 1 l 
Vol.: 37,5%

Three Sixty is the first in the diamond filtered vodka in the world, thanks to a unique technique developed in partnership with the company Begerow Filtration Company. The filtering is performed up to 1.0 micron, even a level 30 times greater than normal (standard filters filter indeed between 30.0 and 15.0 micron). The diamond powder, thanks to its fineness, in fact removes even the smallest micro particles from the distillate. The filtering performed in the diamond and four distillation gives this vodka its infinite purity. Three Sixty Vodka is extremely pure, soft taste, well balanced and sophisticated. Its packaging is unique, thanks to a glass bottle is totally transparent and bright, with embossed shapes that recall the cut of the diamond and black velvet label: all to emphasize the premium character of this vodka. Perfect smooth, with ice or in cocktails sophisticated.


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