Vodka Kremlin Award 70 cl

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Vodka Kremlin Award 70 cl

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Size 70 cl

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Bottle : 70 cl
Vol. : 40%

This legendary vodka was developed by the top specialists of the spirits industry on a special order of the Kremlin. It was the official spirit served according to state protocol at all banquets and events hosted by Kremlin elite. The production of this vodka demanded the maximum standard of quality control. Each bottle had a special certificate containing the names and signatures of the professionals involved in crafting the vodka. The Committee for State Security insisted on the strict control of all stages of production. To date, the rigorous system of control of this fine spirit is still firmly upheld by the Office of the President of the Russian Federation. This protocol vodka is now officially known as Kremlin Award. It not only stays true to its origins and history, but combines these traditions with an innovative production process in vodka of unparalleled quality. Kremlin Award vodka combines the finest traditions of Russian nature, history, and technology. To prepare this product, they use water subjected to six steps of purification and only the highest quality spirits. Ideal natural ingredients, blended according to a unique recipe, create an exceptional flavor and clean, delicate vodka. The innovative filtration system of the “ITAR” distillery yields a perfect product with exceptional clarity and a crystalline shine. This ultra-modern production according to a time-honored Russian tradition is the hallmark of Kremlin Award vodka.


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Itar Distillery

Itar Distillery Russian vodka is distilled by ITAR according to the traditional Russian classical method and based on selection the best winter wheat grains from the fertile soil of the Kaliningrad fields. Adhering faithfully to formula for traditional Russian vodka, we have devised a strict four-tier production protocol: mashing and fermenting, distillation and rectification, filtration and relaxation and bottling and packaging. At every step of production care is taken to privilege taste, starting with the choice of ingredients and natural extracts of vegetable origin which are introduced into the vodka formula. All products are focused on the consumers with different tastes.

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