Vodka Xellent Swiss Vodka 70 cl

Manufacturer Xellent


Vodka Xellent Swiss Vodka 70 cl

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Size 70 cl

31,72 €

Vol : 40%
Bottle : 70 cl

Our vodka is the result of the finest raw materials, passionate master distillers and careful craftsmanship. Much like the inhabitants of the Lucerne hinterland, XELLENT Vodka also has its rough edges. It is just the way we want it to be, because we are convinced that vodka should help to flavour a drink. Top-quality work is required in this respect, from the local cereal farmer to the bottle. Whether in a cocktail or pure on the rocks: XELLENT Vodka should be fun to drink and its diversity of flavour should come through. Elegant and with character – it’s as simple as that. NOSE: fruity, with cherry notes, stimulatingly nutty, slight rye flavour; mixture of perfectly blended fresh aromas. MOUTHFEEL: elegant, well-balanced attack on the palate; first silky smooth and gentle notes of rye, then boiled cherry essence, followed by full-bodied and concentrated, slightly nutty rye flavour, producing a sophisticated bouquet full of character. FINISH: fruity, nutty, well-balanced interplay of acidity in a long-lasting finale.


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