Whisky The Macallan Sienna 70 cl

Whisky The Macallan Sienna 70 cl

Manufacturer Macallan whisky


Whisky The Macallan Sienna 70 cl

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Size 70 cl

82,30 € tax incl.

Bottle : 70 cl
Vol. : 43°  

Colour: Sienna Nose: Opens with a subtle vanilla nose, persistent yet not overpowering. Orange elbows its way in, turning zesty and sharp, though tempering green apples add freshness and balance. Next come white chocolate truffles, chewy, sumptuous, with elegant oak notes for a digestif. Palate: Dates, figs and raisins lead, then defer to nutmeg and ginger with a hint of oranges and apples, before vanilla returns in majesty. Finish: The final fanfare is gentle, smooth and warming.


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