Whisky Talisker Port Ruighe 70 cl  - Whisky

Whisky Talisker Port Ruighe 70 cl


Whisky Talisker Port Ruighe 70 cl

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Size 70 cl

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Bottle : 70 cl
Vol. : 45,8 %

Doubly distilled and aged in Porto, this malt is a tribute to Scottish merchants who, braving the stormy sea, played a key role in trade and the spread in the world of port wine. 'Port Ruighe' (pronounced 'Port rii') in Gaelic means what was once a bustling commercial port of Skye. The final touch given by the Port binds the strong character of marine TALISKER the sweet and juicy tasty berries for a superb experience of contrasting flavors. The smoky aroma and sweet, reminiscent of the warmth of the burning wood, combined with the intensity of ripe plums. The initial note of pepper on the tongue soon becomes an exceptionally peaty quality. The smoky flavor and creamy mixes with a hint of spices and blackberries. The taste is smoky, dry, long finish.


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