Bourbon Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 70 cl

Manufacturer Buffalo Trace


Bourbon Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 70 cl

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Size 70 cl

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Bottle : 70 cl
Vol . : 40%

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is distilled, aged and bottled at the most award-winning distillery in the world. Made from the finest corn, rye and barley malt, this whiskey ages in new oak barrels for years in century old warehouses until the peak of maturity. The taste is rich and complex, with hints of vanilla, toffee and candied fruit. The smooth finish lingers on the palate. This will never change.


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Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace Sazerac Company is an ancient American spirits producer, a native of the state of Louisiana, with a history dating back to 1850, the year of its founding by Thomas Handy. Over time, the company has purchased several brands of liquor and spirits. Today is the largest US distiller and owns several major distilleries, such as Glenmore and Buffalo Trace Distillery. The main activity of Sazerac is the production of bourbon, flanked by that of tequila, liqueurs, vodka and shooters. Buffalo Trace Distillery, located in Frankfort, Kentucky, was taken over by the Sazerac Company in 1992. It deals exclusively with the production of bourbon whiskey for over 200 years.

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