Whisky Macallan Fine Oak 12 Y 70 cl

Whisky Macallan Fine Oak 12 Y 70 cl

Manufacturer Macallan whisky


Whisky Macallan Fine Oak 12 Y 70 cl

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Capacità : 70 cl
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The excellence of The Macallan is founded on six pillars: unique items, badges, the combination of which makes The Macallan so 'special. The Easter Elchies House proudly watches over The Macallan distillery in Speyside. Built in 1700, this Jacobean manor is still the 'spiritual center' of The Macallan. The stills small: The copper stills, particularly small and uniquely shaped, allowing to preserve and concentrate the flavors during distillation. The best cut The cut and 'the portion of the distillate, which was released by the stills, is collected and for aging. The Macallan using one of the best cuts of all the distilleries in Scotland. Only 16% of the second distillation is selected to fill the barrels and transform over time in this precious single malt whiskey. Exceptional oak casks: The extreme care in the selection of exceptional oak casks gives it a quality 'unsurpassed and timeless at The Macallan. Natural Color: E 'only the interaction between the distillate and the wood that, over time, generates great variety' of natural colors in the range The Macallan. A distillate incomparable: The wisdom and the art of the Master Whisky Maker make 'every barrel is awakened from his sleep by the time they reached perfect ripeness for bottling. Thus' is born The Macallan, whiskey that is the touchstone for all other single malt.

Size 70 cl
Y.O. 12


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Macallan whisky

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In 1824, the Macallan distillery was licensed to Alexander Reid, but under a different name; it started life as Elchies Distillery. Macallan sits in close proximity to a ford across the river Spey, the site originally held a farm distillery, which was frequented by cattle drovers crossing the ford. The distillery was expanded toward the end of the nineteenth century and renamed Macallan-Glenlivet and in 1980 the 'Glenlivet' suffix was removed. From the 1950s onwards, Macallan has been greatly extended; in 1965 it doubled its stills to twelve, then to eighteen in 1974 and in 1975, it further increased them to number twenty-one. This was down to great demand, for Macallan had become very sought after. Old vintages are highly prized and very valuable. Roderick Kemp acquired the distillery in 1892 and set up a family trust. In 1968, Macallan-Glenlivet was traded on the London Stock Exchange. The name is a conjunction of ‘Magh’, Gaelic for a fertile piece of land, and ‘Ellan’, or ‘Of St Fillan’. St Fillan was an Irish Monk who travelled through Scotland during the 700s, promoting Christianity. In 1986, the Japanese company Suntory bought out a quarter of the stocks and a decade later, Highland Distillers bought out the remaining stocks, ending the Kemp family interests. The Macallan has largely used Sherry casks for the maturation of their whisky. A very characteristic Speysider, Macallan recently brought out a range of Fine Oak casks which were Bourbon-matured and an eighteen year-old from this range, took first place in Whisky Magazine’s “Best Malts of the World”.

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