Whisky Nikka Pure Malt Red Journal 50 cl  - Whisky

Whisky Nikka Pure Malt Red Journal 50 cl

Manufacturer Nikka whisky


Whisky Nikka Pure Malt Red Journal 50 cl

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Size 50 cl

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Bottle : 50 cl
Vol . : 43%

Of Nikka's two malt whisky distilleries, Yoichi produces rich, peaty and masculine malt. The whisky gets its distinct aroma and body from direct heating distillation, in which the pot stills are heated with finely powdered natural coal--the traditional method that is hardly ever used today, even in Scotland. The Miyagikyo Distillery location was selected for whisky production because of its clean air, just the right humidity for storage, and abundant underground water filtered through a layer of peat. In Yoichi, Masataka Taketsuru saw numerous reminders of Scotland, and this convinced him that this should be the home of Japanese Whisky. The Miyagikyo Distillery is also in northern Japan, in Sendai (lat.38 N), Miyagi Prefecture, northern Honshu. Travelling in the area one day, Masataka came upon this site completely enclosed by mountains and sandwiched between two rivers. He immediately knew that this was the perfect site for whisky distilling. Sendai's fresh water, suitable humidity and crisp air produce soft and mild malt. Malt Whisky is distilled exclusively from barley malt, and is considered to be the forefather of all other tipes of whisky. In general, it is divided into single malt whisky (several malt whiskies from a single distillery vatted toghether) and pure malt whisky ( malt whisky from several distilleries vatted toghether). Pure Malt Red is made primarily with malt of the Miyagikyo distillery and has a soft, delicate flavor.Mainly composed of Miyagikyo distillery malt, Red is characterized by lightly sweet vanilla nose and a soft and gentle taste.


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