Pojer e Sandri Bianco Faye Vigneti delle Dolomiti 2010


Pojer e Sandri Bianco Faye 2010


Typology White
Vintage 2010
Region Trentino-Alto Adige
Size 75 cl
Main Vine Chardonnay

Grapes : Chardonnay e Pinot Bianco
Vintage : 2010
Bottle : 75 cl

Vineyard manager – owner: Fiorentino Sandri. Winemaker - owner: Mario Pojer. The color is lovely straw/yellow with greenish reflections.The bouquet is bright and complex with notes recalling vanilla, toasted almonds, hazelnuts, hay, musk and flint.On the palate it is dry and open, with richness and yet an important structure. Bianco Faye pairs well with many seafood dishes, especially whole roasted fish. It’s good with white meats too. Vineyard situation: different parcels on the hill of Faedo called: Pianezzi,Coveli and Palai at elevation between 300 and 750 meters (roughly 980 to 2460 feet) above sea level with a southwest exposure. The site is wellventilated because of the influence of “Ora” of Lake Garda (wind that comes from the nearby famous lake). According to the vintage, we select the best grapes from the vineyards which are at the proper elevation (for example:in a cold vintage: 300 slm, while in a warm vintage: 700 slm.).Training system: “pergoletta trentina aperta” with a vine density of 6500 plants per hectare. Soil: as regards geomorphology, Faedo is located between the Permian formation of the porphyritical platform and drifts of sandstone, siltstone, loam rocks, limestone and dolomite. The soil is changeable in the depth from 30 to 100 centimeters. It’s muddy – calcareous and on a marly conglomerate.Alcohol: 13 % Life of wine: 4 - 6 years and more. Type of bottle: Burgundy bottle. Characteristics: The wine is aged in French oak barrels for almost 6 months with the contact of its own spent yeast. We stir this sediment (a process called battonage) as this makes for a more complex white wine. Then Bianco Faye is matured in bottle for another 2 years before its release.  


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Pojer e Sandri azienda agricola

Pojer e Sandri azienda agricola Their goal in this untested viticultural area between the Adige river and Cembra Valley was simple, but ambitious:  to prove that with care and skill, they could, contrary to popularly-held beliefs, demonstrate the Faedo area (and environs) was capable of producing world-class wines.

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